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Power Modules to the Rescue - issue 8/2014
There are an increasing number of suppliers offering power modules due to improvement in technology on many fronts.....
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Li-ion battery charger has low leakage to extend eCall battery life
Designed for eCall and OnStar emergency services, a charger from Intersil extends the vehicle's Li-ion battery life.
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Power Electronics Europe is the premier publication devoted entirely to the field of power electronics. The journal covers all that is new in power electronics including emerging technologies and the application of advanced components, sub-assemblies, systems and solutions. By clicking on the navigation buttons above you will be directed to the relevant sections within this web site. In the Product Information and Archives sections you will find a host of topics covered - all of which may be searched for by category.

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Motor and Resolver Integrated - issue 8/2014
The Mosolver is an innovative closed-loop motion actuator which infuses a position feedback sensor into the magnetic structure of a high pole count AC hybrid servo motor....
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Challenges of Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductor testing - issue 8/2014
Devices based on Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) can switch at much higher frequencies and also have far lower leakage than Silicon, so at the same time as there is a need for sourcing higher voltages in testing there is also a need for greater current measurement sensitivity..
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Defining Schottky Diodes based on Power Dissipation - issue 8/2014
As wireless devices grow more sophisticated and consumers demand longer battery lives, manufacturers need to save power wherever possible....
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Finding True Maximum Power Point - issue 8/2014
In solar power systems the bulk of the expense is in the panels and batteries. Any cost effective solar power solution maximises the capacity usage and lifetime of these components....
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