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1200 V Gate Driver ICs featuring fluxlink - issue 3/2016
Power Integrations has introduced a new family of IGBT and Power MOSFET drivers which incorporates its unique FLUXLINK isolation barrier communications technology...
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Linear voltage regulators operate at automotive temperatures
Designed for high reliability, high temperature applications, the CMT-Antares is Cissoid's latest regulator.
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Power Electronics Europe is the premier publication devoted entirely to the field of power electronics. The journal covers all that is new in power electronics including emerging technologies and the application of advanced components, sub-assemblies, systems and solutions. By clicking on the navigation buttons above you will be directed to the relevant sections within this web site. In the Product Information and Archives sections you will find a host of topics covered - all of which may be searched for by category.

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Concrete Binded Magnets for large power inductors - issue 3/2016
The increasing demand for more and clean energy has led to a rising need for large inductive components....
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What MTBF Really means - issue 3/2016
When electronic systems fail or cease to operate correctly it doesn't matter whether the component concerned is a glamorous processor or the workhouse power supply.....
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Benchmarking three-level power-factor correction topologies - issue 3/2016
Power Factor correction has long been a staple of UPS, SMPS and embedded drives devices...
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Improving Efficiency and Power Factor at light load - issue 3/2016
Universal input AC/DC power supplies in the range of 80-800W can be found in a variety of applications. Within this power range, the single-stage boost PFC+ half-bridge LLC is considered to be a very popular topology....
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1 MHz Converter with 95% Peak Efficiency for Aircraft Applications - issue 3/2016
This design methodology of a 50W isolated DC/DC converter serving as a power supply for aircraft equipment like a FADEC (Full authority digital electronics control) has been awarded as Best Paper of PCIM Europe 2016, sponsored by PEE...
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