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The emerging role of preventative maintenance in wind turbines - issue 6/2014
In contrast to on-site staff at traditional power stations or the ready road access to transformer stations, wind turbines are generally unmanned and located in rural areas or in offshore wind...
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Li-ion battery charger has low leakage to extend eCall battery life
Designed for eCall and OnStar emergency services, a charger from Intersil extends the vehicle's Li-ion battery life.
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Moving Towards 5 Kilowatt boards - issue 6/2014
The twin server-rack challenges of supplying power and removing resultant heat means that both evolutionary advances and dramatically new approaches may be viable; only time will tell which proves to be the winning approach...
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Open-Loop transducers with near closed-loop performance - issue 6/2014
LEM added three HO series of Hall-effect current transducers which extend nominal current measurement up to 250A and offer a range of mounting options...
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FPGA to control Power Electronics - issue 6/2014
During the development of an inverter, control and power section have to interact smoothly.....
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