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Through system thinking designing reliable high-power IGBT modules - issue 2/2015
Infineon has a long history of setting international standards for IGBT modules. System thinking is one of the biggest drivers in search for new technologies...
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Linear voltage regulators operate at automotive temperatures
Designed for high reliability, high temperature applications, the CMT-Antares is Cissoid's latest regulator.
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Power Electronics Europe is the premier publication devoted entirely to the field of power electronics. The journal covers all that is new in power electronics including emerging technologies and the application of advanced components, sub-assemblies, systems and solutions. By clicking on the navigation buttons above you will be directed to the relevant sections within this web site. In the Product Information and Archives sections you will find a host of topics covered - all of which may be searched for by category.

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SiC and GaN Semiconductors in modules for higher efficiency - issue 2/2015
With the increasing availability of new semiconductor materials such as SiC and GaN the opportunity to design higher switching frequency circuits at higher power levels has become possible for power electronics design engineers....
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How 600V GaN Transistors improve power supply efficiency and density - issue 2/2015
High performance power supplies today are already very efficient. For at least 2 years , 'titanium' efficiency server power supplies have been announced with greater than 96 per cent overall energy efficiency at half load...
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Single IC 48V power management battery maintenance/backup system - issue 1/2015
A common trend for electronic devices is increased portability; it is no longer universally acceptable for a device to turn off simply because somebody 'pulled the plug'.....
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