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Mersen at Battery Show in Stuttgart
November 4, 2021 - December 3, 2021

At the Battery Show (November 30 – December 2 in Stuttgart) Mersen presents advanced solutions for batteries and energy storage systems. The market for this sector is undergoing a transition, to which Mersen is responding flexible: “We have reorganized our product range to keep up with the technological advancements and market requirements for electric vehicles and electrical energy storage”, explains Philippe Roussel, VP Global Strategic Marketing, SPM. “We are striving to redefine boundaries and introduce pioneering technologies in order to make EV/HEV and EES applications safer and more reliable.”

Mersen’s EVpack fuses for battery packs fulfill the special load profile requirements of hybrid and electric vehicles. With extensive protection from 500 to 1,000 V DC and up to 800 A, for battery pack and auxiliary circuits, they ensure a minimum breaking capacity below 2 kA, which is ideally compatible with the breaking capacity of DC contactor for protection against overloads. A product highlight is the MEV50A series. It ensures a low minimum breaking capacity (4x In or 2 kA), high circuit-breaking capacity of 30 kA for all battery types, and optimal energy efficiency with low power losses. In addition, the solution features excellent cycle capability and conforms to ISO 8820 and international electrical standards (JASO D622, IEC 60 269-1 and -4, IEC 60 269-7). EV fuses are available in five sizes with diameters from 20-45 mm, and the design can be individually adapted.

Mersen offers a broad portfolio of products and solutions for all aspects of safe electrical energy storage. At the trade show the globally operating company will present recent additions to its extensive range of DC over-current protection products: aBAT15AA & AD fuses are suitable for 1500 V DC applications with rated currents from 100 to 500 A, and they conform to the latest IEC 60 269-7 safety standard for battery protection. These innovative fuses can quench fault currents up to 3 times the rated current and up to 250 kA for protection against large short circuits. The aBAT series also features a compact design, low power losses and high cycle strength.

With the Infini-Cell Mersen has developed a laminated and extremely thin, single-layer bus bar with integrated contacts for battery assemblies that is very versatile: The space-saving solution connects not only the battery cells, but also monitors their temperature and voltage, prevents wiring errors and offers protection against impacts and vibrations.

Mersen offers a complete assortment of battery cooling solutions for applications in various key markets, such as EV and eMobility. One example of the company’s innovative solutions is an ultra-thin liquid cooling plate with a thickness of less than 7 mm. It can be used in formats of up to 650 x 2000 mm. To meet the requirements for homogeneity in battery cells, the high-performance design features a custom-tailored liquid flow system with no fluxing agents for excellent corrosion resistance and a longer life.

Visit Mersen from November 30 to December 2, 2021 at the Battery Show at booth 4-290



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