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Integrated GaN Power Stage for eMobility - issue 2/2020
Brushless DC (BLDC) motors are a popular choice and are finding increasing application in robotics, drones, electric bicycles, and electric scooters. All these applications are particularly sensitive...
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Linear voltage regulators operate at automotive temperatures
Designed for high reliability, high temperature applications, the CMT-Antares is Cissoid's latest regulator.
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DC/DC regulators simplify system design
They supporting PoL supplies of 8-, 12- and 15A, respectively and use the company’s emulated current mode COT (Constant On-Time) control loop. According to the company, the devices deliver core voltage rails for ASICs, FPGAs, DSPs and network processors in communications, networking and industrial markets. The DC/DC regulators are specified over 4.5 to 22V input and deliver an adjustable output from 0.6 to 18V. Line regulation is 0.1% line regulation across the entire input voltage range and output accuracy is 1% over the temperature range. The COT control loop enables operation with ceramic output capacitors, eliminating loop compensation, which simplifies system design and reduces overall component count. There are supervisory and protection features for proper sequencing, safe operation under abnormal operating conditions and light load operation. The XR76108 and XR76112 are available in a RoHS compliant, 30pin 5x5 QFN package. The and is priced from $2.50 and $2.70 respectively in 1000 piece quantities. The XR76115 is supplied in a 30pin 6x6 QFN package.

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