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Edge Computing Leverages Modular Power in Scalable Micro Data Centres - May 2022
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MOSFET meets demands for always-on power

The monolithic, quad p-channel EPAD MOSFET array offers precise temperature tracking characteristics yet simplifies bias circuitry. The matched pair circuit is designed for products requiring extremely low power applications and mostly-on operation. Market segments suitable for the MOSFET array are energy harvesting systems, automotive, medical, transportation, robotics and any wireless product, which relies on self-contained power circuits and require very low power operation over long periods of time.

The p-channel MOSFET array offers precision-matched gate threshold voltages of -0.20V ± 0.02V. This also enhances I/O signal operating ranges, particularly in extremely low operating voltage environments. Precise offset voltages (VOS) within 1mV are typical. Low minimum operating voltage is less than 0.2V and low operating current is less than 1nA. The array also features matched transconductance and output conductance.

The MOSFET is designed for switching and amplifying applications in -0.40V to -8.0V (±0.20V to ±4.0V) systems where low input bias current, low input capacitance and fast switching speeds are required. ALD technology meets the needs of  portable devices that run on trickle charge and energy harvesting power sources, as well as DC/DC converters in electronics equipment - from microprocessors up to communications and from computer power supplies to power plants. Typical application examples are differential amplifier input stages, backup power circuits, power failure detectors, sensors in security equipment and portable devices, high-side and sample-and-hold switches, discrete analogue switches or multiplexers and any applications across multiple industry sectors that require an always available backup battery.  

Matched and tracked temperature characteristics of the MOSFET pair, typical of the company’s EPAD MOSFET technology, include temperature tracking which means that paired N- and P-channel devices automatically adjust to changing temperatures for stable, uninterrupted operation.

"The temperature tracked and matched MOSFET is important for precision operations, but designers also need to know that the precision is going to be held stable with time and temperature," observed Robert Chao, president and founder of ALD.

The ALD310702A / ALD310702 joins ALD's EPAD Matched Pair MOSFET family and is available in quad arrays as two separate matched pairs. This P-channel version complements the ALD110802 N-channel high-precision devices.

The P-channel MOSFET array is available from distributors Digi-Key and Mouser.


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