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Technologies to harness wind power for net zero - September 2023
The offshore wind industry has a major role to play in reducing carbon emissions, but the industry faces a number of challenges. ABB Energy Industries discusses some technology developments which are...
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AC/DC power factor correction module offers up to 1,512W
A full brick package developed by TDK-Lambda, the PF1500B-360, is for high voltage distributed power architectures
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Integrated power controller is managed by a digital engine

The digital engine manages a multi-mode power factor correction (PFC) controller, resonant half-bridge controller and 800V start up circuit. The PFC controller changes dynamically between transition mode, discontinuous current mode (DCM) and valley skipping for optimum efficiency. The half-bridge controller executes ST’s patented time shift control (TSC) for accurate soft switching.

It has an input voltage range up to 305V AC and operates from a DC supply targeting battery-powered and line-powered applications up to 300W.

The digital engine is hosted on an 8-bit core and performs optimised control algorithms. It manages the PFC and half bridge circuits via high speed state machine event driven (SMED) peripherals. Dedicated hardware IP blocks include a power manager and burst mode engine, designed to minimise power consumption in idle mode. System safety features include surge protection and anti-capacitive protection for the half bridge and are managed by hardware.

The STNRG012 stores operating parameters and calibration co-efficients on-chip in non-volatile memory (NVM), which allows users to customise settings and program the device during production. Digital programming also saves external components traditionally used for configuration. This reduces both the bill of materials and circuit size. A UART port for monitoring and communication simplifies testing and enables real-time supervision for enhanced reliability.

The STNRG012 is in production now and available in a 20-pin small outline (SO-20) package.



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