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Wide input voltage automotive buck regulators have adjustable frequency
The A8586 provides up to 3.5A output current and the A8587 has output current of up to 2.0A.  Both devices are automotive AEC-Q100 qualified and incorporate current mode control for fast transient response. They have an integrated high-side power MOSFET and a wide input range of 3.8 to 36V, suitable for a wide range of step-down applications, including those in an automotive input environment., including latest infotainment systems, centre stack and instrument clusters, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and heads-up display (HUD), industrial controls and battery powered systems. Battery-driven ‘keep alive’ applications benefit from the low 30μA operational quiescent current.

Both devices are designed to handle a load dump condition with 40V maximum rating as well as idle-stop and cold crank conditions with 3V under-voltage lockout rating.

The regulators maintain high-efficiency across a range of loads in the PWM mode and incorporate pulse frequency modulation (PFM) as the load reduces. This reduces switching and gate driver losses at light loads, says the company. Both incorporate frequency fold back to help prevent inductor current runaway during start up and provide enhanced dropout performance.  Extensive safety and robust protection features include, pulse-by-pulse current limit, hiccup mode short circuit protection, open/short freewheeling diode protection, boot open/short voltage protection, VIN under-voltage lockout, and thermal shutdown. The A8587 also has a Negative Power On Reset (NPOR) function to indicate in-regulation and out-of-regulation status. 

The A8586, A8586-2 and A8587 aid EMC performance by including frequency dithering, soft freewheel diode turn off, and well controlled switch node slew rates. A 4MHz oscillator allows the devices to switch outside EMI sensitive frequency bands such as the AM band or ADSL bands. The A8586-1 disables the frequency dithering feature. The A8586-1 and A8586-2 devices are options that disable the PFM function.  

The A8586 is available in industry standard DFN-10 and SOIC-8 packages; the A8587 is available in DFN-10 package. 


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