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Hall-effect sensor ICs are upgrades for ADAS

The APS11450 is a family of unipolar switch ICs and the APS12450 family consists of bipolar latches. They are pin-compatible upgrades for existing three-wire Hall switch and latch ICs developed in accordance with ISO 26262:2011 with ASIL-B capability (pending assessment).

Integrated self-test features are always active in the background while the system is running. As a result the fault detection times are short; tests are executed, typically, at 25µs, making them transparent to the host system. The voltage-mode output communicates the sensor’s status and is backwards compatible with logic-level interfaces, application circuits, wiring, and firmware.

The magnetic sensors were designed to enhance the performance of automotive applications and intelligent motion systems. They can be used in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and encoders for window lifts, seat motors, seatbelt tensioners, and closure systems. They are also suitable for off-road vehicles, heavy equipment, human machine interfaces (HMI) and roll-over (bank angle) sensors, kickstands and driver controls in two-wheeled vehicles.

Both devices are qualified beyond the requirements of AEC-Q100 grade 0. They were developed to ISO 26262 as a hardware safety element out of context with ASIL-B capability (pending assessment), and are therefore suitable for automotive safety systems.

The company points out that using the devices, an ASIL-B (or higher) rating can be achieved without redundant sensors, resulting in smaller, lower power, lower cost systems.

Two packages are offered, with magnetic characteristics that match legacy Hall sensors. The miniature LH package is a SOT-23W style package for surface-mount applications and the UA is a three-pin, single inline package (SIP) for through-hole mounting. Both packages are lead (Pb) -free, with 100% matt-tin leadframe plating.

The monolithic ICs can operate from 3.3 to 24V and at up to 175 degrees C junction temperature, surviving up to 35V inputs, reverse-battery (-30V), output shorts, load-dump, and other over-voltage transients.   


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