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Edge Computing Leverages Modular Power in Scalable Micro Data Centres - May 2022
Edge computing is essential to realizing the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and internet of things (IoT). These technologies are being infused into every corner of...
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45V and 60V Trench Schottky rectifiers are robust for automotive use
The rectifiers have a Tj maximum of 175°C and offer low leakage current and low forward voltage drop, adds the company. The series is optimised for automotive applications with low power loss and high efficiency; the maximum leakage current is 20mA at high temperature operation. The series includes 5A, 10A and 15A forward current and the maximum VRRM is 45V/60V.

The SMPC4.6U package is TO-277A-compatible and has a wettable flank package that enhances the solder joint and AOI testability, claims the company. It has a low profile height of 1.1mm. (typical) The series is RoHS- compliant and halogen-free.

Typical appliations are automtotive chargers, switch mode power supplies (SMPS), lighting, onboard DC/DC converters, reverse polarity protection and adapters.

Samples and products are in stock and available.

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