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ZF Cooperates with Cree and Danfoss

ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Cree and Danfoss form SiC Partnership

The future use of Silicon Carbide-based power semiconductors will increase the range for electric vehicles in contrast to today's standard Silicon technology. Due to high battery costs, the efficient electric drive represents an enormous growth potential for the foreseeable future. In particular, SiC in conjunction with the 800-volt vehicle electrical system voltage makes a significant contribution to further increasing efficiency.

With this new partnership, ZF and Cree are intensifying their existing cooperation. "We're convinced that combining our strengths with SiC will further improve efficiency and competitive edge for our components and systems," said Jörg Grotendorst, Head of the ZF E-Mobility Division. “Partnering with a tier-1 leading global automotive supplier like ZF for the use of Silicon Carbide-based power inverters in next generation electric vehicles is indicative of the integral role SiC plays in extending the capabilities of EVs everywhere,” said Gregg Lowe, CEO of Cree. Electrified drivelines are making vast contributions to achieving worldwide emission targets and making mobility more sustainable. Cree’s technology will initially be used to fulfill orders that ZF has already received for SiC based electric drives from several leading global automakers. Through the partnership, ZF expects to make SiC electric drivelines available to the market by 2022.

Danfoss Silicon Power is chosen by ZF Friedrichshafen AG to be supplier of power modules for a range of projects ZF acquired from OEM’s. The companies are also intensifying their existing cooperation, with a new strategic partnership for Silicon- and Silicon Carbide-based power modules.

The partners plan to improve the efficiency of electric drivelines by leveraging engineering and cost benefits at the interface between power modules and inverters. One of the first major milestones in this new initiative is a supply contract for Danfoss power modules destined for large-scale ZF volume production projects. The partnership will see the two companies engage in joint research and development, with Danfoss also supplying power modules for Silicon applications. Beside 400 V standard applications the two companies have also begun co-developing an 800 V Silicon Carbide power module for a large volume production project. “This is a robust long-term partnership that enables ZF and Danfoss to pool their strengths. Coming together on this opens up significant innovation potential to improve the technical and commercial competitiveness of our inverters. We will utilize this advantage in all our drivetrain applications; from Hybrid- up to Full Electric Applications," said Jörg Grotendorst, Head of ZF’s E-Mobility Division. “We believe this closer cooperation between Danfoss and ZF has the potential to be a game changer for the development and innovation of future drivetrains for electrification of vehicles. Together we can enable an acceleration of the transition of the transport sector,” Kim Fausing, CEO of the Danfoss Group concluded.

www.danfoss.com/en/, www.zf.com, www.cree.com



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