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100V MOSFETs from Toshiba are designed for 48V automotive systems

The first 100V N-channel power MOSFETs for automotive use by Toshiba Electronics Europe have been introduced in an SOP Advance (WF) package. The XPH4R10ANB and XPH6R30ANB MOSFETs are designed specifically for modern 48V system applications for use in boost converters for integrated starter generators (ISG) and LED headlights as well as motor drives, switching regulators and load switches.

According to the company, they improve the efficiency of automotive systems due to their low on-resistance or RDS(on). The company says that the XPH4R10ANB offers an industry-leading on resistance of just 4.1mΩ, to reduce system losses. Both devices are housed in the SOP Advance (WF) package that features wettable flanks. This package allows the use of automated optical inspection (AOI) to ensure the quality of solder joints.

Both devices are part of Toshiba’s U-MOSVIII-H series and offer a drain-source voltage (VDSS) of 100V and maximum operating temperature of 175ºC. The XPH4R10ANB supports a maximum continuous drain current of 70 and 210A when pulsed. The continuous drain for the XPH6R30ANB is 45A and 135A when pulsed.

Both devices are now in mass production and are shipping in production quantities.


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