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MOSFET balances supercaps with near-zero leakage
Believed to be the first balancing chip for supercapacitors rated at 3V or higher, the SAB (Supercapacitor Auto Balancing) MOSFET prevents over-voltage failures. The ALD810030SCLI SAB MOSFET array balances and regulates supercapacitors rated at a higher voltage. Built using the company’s EPAD production technology, it stabilises supercapacitors used in actuators, telematics, solar panels, emergency lighting, security equipment, barcode scanners, advanced metering boxes and battery backup systems.

The MOSFET can balance two to four supercaps with very small voltage differences and dissipate no power beyond the actual leakage current differences between the two cells, said the company. When VIN = 3.00V is applied to the array, its IOUT is 1µA, explained the company. For a 100mV increase in VIN to 3.10V, IOUT increases 10-fold. For an additional increase in VIN to 3.24V, IOUT increases 100-fold to 100µA. Conversely, for a 100mV decrease in VIN to 2.90V, IOUT decreases to 1/10 of its previous value, to 0.1µA. Another 100mV decrease in input voltage would reduce IOUT to 0.01µA.

The ALD810030 offers operating voltage and current characteristics for each of the four matched SAB MOSFET channels. It is available in quad packages and scalable to balance up to four supercapacitors connected in parallel or series. Precision gate threshold voltage in the Vt mode is 3.00V when the gate drain source terminals (VGS = VDS) are connected at a drain-source current of IDS(ON) = 1µA. Operating temperature is -40 to 85°C.

The SAB MOSFET is now available at either Digi-Key or Mouser.



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