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60V and 100V MOSFETs’ packaging targets high current applications

Designed for high current applications, the TO-leadless (TOLL) package, combined with a 60V and 100V shield-gate technology (SGT) is claimed to provide the highest current capability in its voltage class. 

The TOLL package high current capacity is due to AOS’ technology, which uses a clip to achieve the in-rush current. It uses a standard wire-bonding technology which enables improved EMI performance. As a result, the TOLL packaging offers a very low package resistance and inductance when compared to other TO-leadless packages, says the company. 

The AOTL66608 (60V), AOTL66610 (60V), and AOTL66912 (100V) have a 30% smaller footprint compared to a TO-263 (D2PAK) package and has a higher current capability which enables the designer to reduce the number of MOSFETs in parallel.  The MOSFETs offer continuous drain current of 350 to 400A, at 25°C and 247 to 400A at 100°C, depending on the model. RDS (on) is 0.85 to 1.7mΩ at 10V, depending on which model is used.

The MOSFETs can be used for industrial brushless DC motor applications and battery management.

All three MOSFETs are immediately available in production quantities with a lead-time of 14 to 16 weeks.



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