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A New Approach to Circuit Breaker Design Using Silicon Carbide Switches - Nov 21
Mechanical circuit breakers can be low cost with minimal losses, but they operate slowly and wear out. Solid state versions overcome the problems and are becoming increasing viable as replacements at...
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Digi-Key supports under-graduates this Freshers’ week
At the start of the new university term, Digi-Key Electronics and online resource, Student Circuit are partnering to encourage students with a competition to win 10 Snaptain drones and an InstaLab kit. The competitions will be run at 10 UK universities during the Freshers’ Week events (10 September to 2 October, 2019). UK university students can enter the competition, and other Digi-Key giveaways, at the Digi-Key & Student Circuit’s booth at a Fresher event or via the Student Circuit competition page.


The distributor’s commitment to students and makers is supported with over 10,000 boards and modules to assist in any student’s design or project, together with a variety of online resources, conversion calculators, how-to articles and videos, datasheets and multimedia libraries.


The InstaLab Kit, donated by Digi-Key, is a mobile laboratory with a wide range of tools and devices for experiments. It is designed as create a space in student accommodation that has everything needed to measure, observe, design and make electronics ideas a reality.


Student Circuit is also partnering with Digi-Key to give away 10 Snaptain S5C drones, featuring a 720P HD camera, voice control and a gesture control RC quadcopter.


More than 113,000 students attending the top UK electronic engineering universities are expected to convene during Freshers’ Week this year. Student attendees will have the opportunity to learn about Digi-Key’s impressive electronic component offerings, as well as the services the distributor has designed to support makers and invited to subscribe to the Student Circuit newsletter to receive electronics engineering tools.


Digi-Key also offers a dedicated academic program; a Maker.IO featuring tools, resources, and support for engineers and free tools like IoT Studio and Scheme-it to help with course development and projects.

Digi-Key & Student Circuit will be exhibiting at the following universities:


Sept. 10 – 11: The University of Edinburgh

Sept. 17: University of Strathclyde

Sept. 18: University of Glasgow

Sept. 19: The University of Liverpool

Sept. 23 – 24: University of Leeds

Sept. 26 – 27: University of Nottingham

Sept. 29: University College London

Sept. 30 – Oct. 1: Newcastle University

Oct. 1: Imperial College London

Oct. 2: University of Sheffield




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