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Conformal coating increases gate driversí robustness

Factory conformal coating for Scale IGBT and MOSFET drivers are claimed to enhance system reliability by protecting electronic components against contaminants such as pollution, dust and condensation, which may cause corrosion.


Applications in wind inverters, traction inverters, HVDC MMC stations, photovoltaics and industrial drives where harsh environments are routinely encountered benefit from a factory conformal-coating process, says the company.


The factory-coated gate drivers reduce inventory cost, lead time and overall cost of ownership, says the company, by eliminating the need for manufacturers to send boards to sub-contractors for cleaning and coating.


An acrylic lacquer, typically used in the industrial and automotive sectors, is provided. The automated process is qualified in accordance with IEC 60068-2 tests, and is followed by optical inspection to ensure consistent quality. Conformally-coated Scale gate-driver cores are UL recognised components.


The 2SC0106T, 2SC0108T, 2SC0435T, 2SP0115T and 1SP0335 gate-driver families will be initially offered with conformal coating.  These will be followed by the  2SD300C17, 2SC0535T, 2SC0635T, 2SP0320 and 1SP0635V series in the near future, says the company. All future products will also include factory coating, as an option.


Testing, cleaning and coating the boards in the company’s facility reduces the opportunity for the units to be contaminated prior to coating, says the company.



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