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Power of the Module - Nov/Dec 2020
Vicor has established a power module capability spanning product design, manufacturing, simulation and selection tools. This capability allows Vicor to enable power systems designers to quickly and...
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Integrated DC/DC step-down power module suits constrained spaces

The DC/DC module integrates power MOSFETs and shielded inductors into a small, low-profile footprint for PoL telecommunications, networking, test and measurement power supplies and other space- and height-constrained applications.


The module maintains the required 6A output current over the full temperature range without additional airflow through the use of a two-phase control topology that shares the load between the phases for efficiency and balanced operation. Thermal-good output to alert the system to reduce power before overheating.


There is also adjustable soft start, voltage select (VSEL) to support multiple processor stages, and a power-good indicator. An optional automatic power-save mode maintains high efficiency across the full load range.



Two I/O capacitors and two resistors make up a footprint of 80mm2 that measures just 1.5mm in height.


Prototype samples are available now in a 24-pin quad flat micro (QFM) MicroSIP package. There is also the TPSM82480EVM-002 evaluation module and PSpice transient models available for download.


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