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Proving the Ruggedness of GaN technology in Automotive and Demanding Application - issue 4/2020
To achieve the most efficient power conversion circuit requires the best semiconductor switch as the fundamental building block. Many people now consider gallium nitride to be a better switch than...
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Linear voltage regulators operate at automotive temperatures
Designed for high reliability, high temperature applications, the CMT-Antares is Cissoid's latest regulator.
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SiC half-bridge module deliver lightweight systems
Target applications for the CAS325M12HM2 are converters, inverters, motor drives, industrial electronics, and EV (electric vehicle) systems. Systems are lighter and up to 67% smaller by achieving efficiencies of over 98% and up to 10 times the power density compared to systems built with silicon-based technologies, says the company.

Operating at a higher switching frequency without any compromise in system efficiency means a reduction in the number and size of magnetic and passive components required for the balance of the system. The thermal characteristics of SiC devices, along with the packaging design and materials, enable the module to operate at 175°C, which makes the module suitable for many industrial, aerospace, and automotive applications.

The module also offers a 66% reduction in module inductance to 5.5nH, compared to competitive power products at 15nH, says the company. This reduction in module inductance enables faster switching speeds, higher frequency operation, and ultra-low losses.

The module is configured in a half-bridge topology comprised of seven 1.2kV 25mΩ C2M SiC MOSFETs and six 1.2kV 50A Z-Rec Schottky diodes. The companion gate driver (CGD15HB62LP) is specifically designed for integration with the module to fit within the 62mm mounting footprint.

An engineering evaluation kit that includes both the module and the gate driver is also available.



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