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GaN-based switcher ICs empower next-generation power products - issue 1/2020
There have been a number of disruptive advances in the power electronics community over the last 20 years....
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Linear voltage regulators operate at automotive temperatures
Designed for high reliability, high temperature applications, the CMT-Antares is Cissoid's latest regulator.
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Polypropylene film capacitors is for SMPS
They are encapsulated in a flame retardant plastic case sealed with self-extinguishing, thermosetting epoxy resin and RoHS-compliant double metallized polyester film electrodes.

The capacitors are rated 0.01µF to 0.47µF, with voltages spanning 250 to 2000V, and operating temperatures from -40 to 105C. They are designed for high frequency and high pulse rise-time circuits, high voltage power supplies, SMPS (switch mode power supplies), power converters, snubbers, and electronic lighting ballasts, such as compact florescent lamps and LEDs. Unlike aluminum electrolytic capacitors, they do not have a catastrophic failure mode. Instead they experience a parametric loss of capacitance of approximately2 % from their initial value, eliminating the risk of short circuit and enabling continued functionality.


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