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Matt Renola, Senior Director, Global Business Development – Aerospace & Defense
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Switching thyristor is optimised for EV charge
Designed for electric vehicle on-board charge (EVOBC) applications, the S8016xA silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) switching thyristors are claimed to offer excellent AC handling capability and surge robustness for input rectifiers. The 16A devices handle Level 1 charging up to 16ARMS at 120V, Level 2 charging up to 16ARMS at 240V at 100°C and up to 25ARMS at 80°C.

The SCR switching thyristors are believed to be the first capable of handling such high current levels in TO-220R and TO-263 packages that are also AEC-Q101-qualified and which support the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).

Typical applications are input rectification of AC line inputs for electric vehicle on-board and off-board chargers.

The compact TO-220R and TO-263 packages help circuit designers minimise the size of the charging circuitry.

Maximum repetitive off-stage voltage (VDRM) is 800V, sufficient to handle inputs from AC mains of up to 250V RMS.

An RMS on-state current (IT(RMS)) up to 25A makes the thyristors suitable for use with Level 1 and Level 2 AC charging applications. A high peak non-repetitive blocking voltage (VDSM) of 1300V and a non-repetitive peak surge current (IPP) of 2400A enables the devices to survive a 6kV surge when used with an automotive-qualified metal oxide varistor (MOV) for AC mains over-voltage protection, such as the company’s AUMOV series.

The thyristors are available in either packages, and samples can be requested via authorised distributors.


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