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High-speed RS-485 transceivers claim highest reinforced isolation for IIoT

The two, high-speed, isolated RS-485 differential bus transceivers provide 40Mbit/s bi-directional data communication for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) networks. The ISL32741E offers 1,000V RMS working voltage and 6.0kV of reinforced isolation; this is claimed to be more than twice that of competitive solutions. Rigorous medical and high-speed motor control applications require the higher working voltage and reinforced isolation.




The ISL32740E has 2.5kV of isolation and 600V RMS working voltage and is claimed to be provided in in the industry’s smallest package, enabling high channel density for programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in factory automation applications.




The transceivers also provide low radiated emission and EMI susceptibility, support for up to 160 devices on the bus, and an extended 125°C temperature range. They leverage giant magnetoresistance (GMR) technology that provides galvanic isolation to keep the communication bus free from common-mode noise generated in electrically noisy factory and building automation environments. The company says that its GMR isolation does not require the elaborate encoding schemes found in capacitive and transformer-based isolators that use RF carriers or PWM to transfer DC and low frequency signals across the barrier.




Both transceivers are suitable for the equipment-to-bus interface in PrRofiBus DP and high-speed RS-485 networks that connect PLCs to instruments, robots, motor control drives, as well as data acquisition and digital I/O modules. In addition to not requiring any shielding, these transceivers simplify PCB layout, use less board space, and enhance data transmission reliability and integrity. The ISL3274xE devices also offer low power consumption. For example, the ISL32740EIAZ’s 60mA supply current allows it to operate in a tiny 4mm x 5mm QSOP package at maximum speed without overheating.




On the non-isolated control-side, the transceivers support direct connection to a 3.0V microcontroller. The isolated bus-side connects to a 5.0V supply for communication of strong bus signals across 100m and longer distances. The transceivers are compliant with the EN 50081 and EN 50082-2 EMC standards and the umbrella line-voltage standard for information technology equipment (ITE) EN 61000.








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