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NewSpace demands low voltage, high current power for performance and longevity - Nov 2022
Matt Renola, Senior Director, Global Business Development – Aerospace & Defense
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DC/DC converter is medically-certified and in compact design

The converter is medically-certified and provides 2MOPP with 250V AC working voltage in a compact SIP7 package. Engineers can develop a PCB layout, knowing that they will comply with the stringent regulations for medical certifications, using the converter, says the company.

It addresses the challenge of designing high performance, space-saving medical devices, while complying with the latest medical safety and EMC regulations, says the company. The use of pre-certified modules reduces the risk of EMC/safety certification failures and saves time for expensive re-designs, it adds. Recom’s REM1 series complements its existing REM 3.0, 6.0 and 10W medical DC/DC converters, offering a 1.0W solution in a compact SIP7 package.


The converter features reinforced isolation of 5.2kV AC/ one minute and is certified 2MOPP with 250V AC working voltage. Available with 3.3, 5.0, 12, 15 or 24V inputs and 3.3, 5.0 or 12V outputs, the REM1 provides up to 85% efficiency and operates in an ambient temperature range from -40 to 90°C. It meets Class B EMC by using a simple external LC filter and is IEC60601-1-2 (4th Ed.) medically EMC certified. It is also certified to IEC/EN/ANSI/AAMI 60601, third edition safety standards, with CB report and comes with a five-year warranty. Samples are available from all authorised distributors.



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