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TVS diode array protects DC for PoweredUSB interfaces

The TVS diode arrays (SPA Diodes) are optimised to protect DC powerlines for PoweredUSB interfaces from electrostatic discharges (ESDs). They use Zener diodes fabricated in a proprietary silicon avalanche technology to protect each I/O pin in the interface.

The robust devices offer high surge tolerance, with the highest surge density per square millimeter of any Littelfuse TVS diode array, and low dynamic resistance across all of the relevant voltage levels for PoweredUSB interfaces, says the company. The diode arrays can absorb repetitive ESD strikes at ±30kV without performance degradation and safely dissipate 80A of eight- or 20-micro seconds surge current with very low clamping voltages. 

The SP11xx series TVS diode arrays are designed to prevent premature failure or thermal issues related to fast-charging batteries, such as those used in tablets and smartphones, by limiting exposure to the fast transients associated with plugging into AC/DC converters that could introduce dirty power to the battery. They also protect Vbus lines for USB 3.1 type C interfaces, which are increasingly common in handheld devices. 

Additional applications include ESD protection for switches/buttons, test equipment/instrumentation, point of sale (PoS) terminals, medical equipment, notebooks, desktops, servers, computer peripherals and automotive electronics.

Extremely low dynamic resistance (RDYN) ensures a faster response to ESD transients for better performance, says Littelfuse. Discrete unidirectional design is the most appropriate for DC interfaces and provides the lowest dynamic resistance available. Additionally, flat surge performance across current profiles provides greater protection during extreme surge or ESD events.

The diode arrays are provided in a surface mount 1610 package, in tape and reel format.





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