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Vicor adds DC/DC converter modules for regulated output voltages

The isolated, regulated DC/DC converter modules (DCMs) in ChiP packages, are claimed to have unrivaled power densities of up to 1,032W/in3.


The 28V 3623 ChiP and 270 and 275V 4623 offer engineers the option of directly driving loads that require tightly regulated output voltages. They join the current family of DCMs in a ChiP package offering up to ±3% regulation, and can also be paralleled into arrays for higher power delivery.   

The ChiP DCM can operate from a wide range unregulated input to generate an isolated DC output, says Vicor. Its high frequency zero-voltage switching (ZVS) topology allows the DCM converter to consistently deliver high efficiency across its entire input voltage range.

The new series of DCMs are initially offered with 28V, 270V, and 275V nominal input voltages. They are aimed at defence and industrial applications that require tighter output voltage regulation, including UAV, ground vehicle, radar, transportation and industrial controls. 

All these families are available in M-Grade, which provides operation down to -55°C.  

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