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A New Approach to Circuit Breaker Design Using Silicon Carbide Switches - Nov 21
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Premo adds 11kW model to 3DP-Series (3DPower) series

The 3DP-11KWHVHV is based on the company’s patented technology which is designed to increase power density (and thereby decrease the power magnetic required volume).

According to the company, 3DPower is the first product to integrate two magnetics components that share the same core and feature two orthogonal magnetic fields at all points within the core.

The full bridge150µH LLC transformer is combined with a 25µH resonant choke, which results in up to 40 to 50% reduction in volume compared with current discrete industrial solutions for the same power management, says the company. The reduction in components, magnetic cores and reduced weight is particularly useful in automotive designs.

Most of the power converters (resonant topologies) available have a transformer, resonant choke and output choke. Every component has their own design, core, winding and thermal dissipation solution.

Designing power densities and power sizes over 7kW results in an increase in heat. 3Dpower use CoolMag, a fully silicon compound compatible with magnetics to dissipate the heat from the top of the magnetic to the liquid cooling plate at the bottom. It provides a thermal conductivity bigger than 1.7 watts/mK. The air is removed by this silicon to improve the heat dissipation. 

The 3DP-11KWHVHV is available with aluminium heatsink that acts as a direct thermal interface to the cold plate. A 7kW is also available and the company is developing a 22kW device. Designs can be customised according to customer requirements.

The 3DPower 3DP-11KWHVHV series meets the AEC-Q200 standard and other more restrictive customer automotive supplier standards, says the company.



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