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A New Approach to Circuit Breaker Design Using Silicon Carbide Switches - Nov 21
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Diodes releases three chips for high power density charger

They can be used in a variety of consumer electronics applications, including smartphone chargers and notebook adapters, advises the company. The first device is the AP43771V USB Type-C PD decoder which is compatible with PD3.0, PPS Rev 3.0, V1.2 (TID – 4305), and Qualcomm Quick Charge QC4/QC4 /QC5 (QC20201127203) protocols. The decoder supports a 3.3 to 24V operating voltage range and incorporates both a one-time programmable (OTP) ROM for all the main firmware. There is also a multi-time programmable (MTP) ROM to accommodate user configuration data. 

The decoder has I2C and GPIO pins and built-in application firmware. It backs various intelligent power management systems during charging states, says Diodes, including smart power sharing among multiple charging ports, thermal power de-rating, LED light indication, and fault indication.

The  second part of the chipset is the AP3306. This is an active clamp flyback (ACF) controller that reaches elevated operational efficiency via zero voltage switching (ZVS) and magnetic energy recycling. It can be used with an integrated driver GaN FET, a cascode GaN FET or a MOSFET serving as the main low-side switch. With integrated high-side ACF gate driver control, the AP3306 supports leakage energy recycling circuitry via a reduced-current-capability high-side MOS switch. This high degree of integration and use of cost-effective components reduces bill of material (BoM) costs and board space, points out the company.

Finally, the APR340 is a secondary side synchronous rectification (SR) MOSFET driver optimised for use with the AP3306. It features a built-in pulse linear regulator and operates in constant current (CC) mode to safeguard the charging system. The system output voltage can go as low as 2V, which is significant in programmable power supply (PPS) applications. 

The AP43771V is available in both W-DFN3030-14 and W-QFN4040-24 package options. The AP3306 is supplied in a SO-10 package format and the APR340 comes in a SOT26 package.

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