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Comparing N-Channel and P-Channel MOSFETs: Which is best for your application?
This article compares the n-channel and p-channel power MOSFETs, introduces the complete Littelfuse p-channel power MOSFETs portfolio, and explores target applications.
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AC/DC active bridge rectifier reduces standby power in adapters

Available in an SOP-8L package, the AOZ7203AV is a self-powered dual driver IC for driving external high-voltage MOSFETs and can replace two low-side diodes of bridge rectifier.  It is suitable for use in adapters for high-end laptops and televisions, as well as power supplies for desktops, game consoles and servers, advises the company.

The rectifier features a high withstand voltage, a self-powered Vcc supply from the AC line, low operation current and X-capacitor discharge (CB safety certified).

A break-before-make circuit avoids the overlap of two gate driving and an active bridge rectifier circuit drives the low-side, high voltage MOSFETs. Input voltage is up to 600V which ensures a wide operating ambient temperature range of -40 to 125°C, driving low RDSon HV MOSFETs to gain more efficiency improvement of AC power supply. The AOZ7203AV can replace lossy diodes in the bridge rectifier circuit of an AC/DC power supply.

Using the low-Ohmic high voltage external MOSFETs significantly improves the efficiency of the power converter as the typical rectifier-diode forward-conduction losses are reduced by 50%” explains Armin Hsu, power IC senior marketing manager at AOS. “Efficiency can improve up to about 0.7% at 90V mains voltage,” he added.

Benefits include drain source over-voltage protection for all external power MOSFETs. There are also space savings, as two drivers in one package enable a more compact design, says the company.

The AOZ7203AV is immediately available in production quantities with a lead time of 14 weeks. All products from the company are offered in packages with Pb-free plating and are RoHS-compliant.

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