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Power of the Module - Nov/Dec 2020
Vicor has established a power module capability spanning product design, manufacturing, simulation and selection tools. This capability allows Vicor to enable power systems designers to quickly and...
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Integrated TRx IC frees smartphone and mobile device charging

It is believed to be the industry’s first 60W wireless power receiver IC. WattShare technology enables on-the-go for faster wireless charging for mobile devices, in what is claimed to be the industry’s highest power density.

The integrated wireless power transmitter/receiver (TRx) IC can be configured to transmit or receive an AC power signal through magnetic induction. It has been introduced as an upgrade path for the company’s earlier P9415 IC, adding advanced telemetry and proprietary charging protocols for high power applications.

As a receiver, it delivers up to 60W and in WattShare (TRx) mode has up to 10W Tx capability. There is an embedded 32-bit Arm Cortex-M0 processor and what is claimed to be best-in-class IOUT current sensing accuracy for foreign object detection, together with a non-volatile memory for firmware and device function updates.

Bi-directional communications support proprietary authentication with encryption for secure operation. The IC is WPC 1.2.4-compliant and supports a variety of proprietary charging modes. It also supports I2C 400kHz standard interface and general purpose I/Os.

The P9418 wireless charging receiver can be combined with the company’s power management portfolio, including its USB Type-C power delivery and battery charging. The P9418 60W wireless power receiver is available now.

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