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EZBuck regulators are compact for desktop computing

Initial members of the application-specific EZBuck regulators have been announced. The AOZ2263VQI-01 and AOZ2263VQI-02 in a QFN 4 x 4 package are claimed to be the industry’s most compact footprint available to support VCCIO rails in Intel Rocket Lake platforms. 

Rocket Lake is used in desktop computing systems. It consists of two VCCIO rails; VCCIO_0 and VCCIO_1_2 power multiple I/O in an Intel CPU to support add on features which require high speed I/O communications in personal computing systems. VCCIO rails with high currents are required to manage these features, requiring either a controller with external discrete power FETs or a converter with a large package. The AOZ2263VQI-01 and AOZ2263VQI-02 converters are integrated into a single package for 12A operation. Input voltage range is 4.0 to 28V.

The regulators include 2-bit VID pins which allow the VCCIO_0 power rail to adjust with voltage for 1.05, 1.075, 1.1, 1.125V and the VCCIO_1_2  to adjust for 0.8, 0.95, 1.0 and 1.05V; both depending on multiple systems operating modes.

The devices have also passed all the Rocket Lake platform component validation requirements, including stringent tests to ensure compliance with Intel specifications.  

AOS’s proprietary COT architecture reduces size and cost with fast load transient response performance and enables stable and low voltage ripple operation with small-sized ceramic capacitors.

The device feature a PGOOD output, an integrated bootstrap diode and integrated soft start. Protection features include cycle-by-cycle current limit, short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection and thermal shutdown. A low power mode (LPM) pin also allows system designs to lower VCCIO rails down to 0V to minimise system power consumption in standby or idle mode.

The AOZ2263VQI-01 and the AOZ2263VQI-02 are immediately available in production quantities with a lead-time of 12 weeks.

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