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BEV advancements are driving sales, but vehicle safety and reliability will ensure long-term viability
Innovative power architectures using power modules provide power redundancy and improve overall safety and system performance By Patrick Kowalyk, Automotive FAE,Vicor
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AC/DC power factor correction module offers up to 1,512W
A full brick package developed by TDK-Lambda, the PF1500B-360, is for high voltage distributed power architectures
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Low profile rectifiers are automotive-qualified

The VS-1EFH01WHM3, VS-1EFH01W-M3, VS-1EFH02W-M3, and VS-1EFH02WHM3 are AEC-Q101-qualified to reduce switching losses and power dissipation in automotive and telecomms applications. 

Reverse recovery times of 25ns, and forward voltage drop of 0.93V, and a low profile of up to 1mm save PCB space compared with standard SMA, SMB, and SMC packages. 

The rectifiers are optimised for DC/DC converters in automotive engine control units (ECU), ABS, and LED lighting, in addition to telecomms DC/DC bricks. They have a planar structure and platinum doped lifetime control for rugged, reliable op[eration, says the company. Operating junction temperature is up to 175°C. 

All of the new rectifiers provide an MSL moisture level of 1 per J-STD-020 and LF maximum peak of 260°C. They also meet the JESD 201 Class 2 whisker test, and are RoHS-compliant and halogen-free.


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