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Innovative power architectures using power modules provide power redundancy and improve overall safety and system performance By Patrick Kowalyk, Automotive FAE,Vicor
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BD7xxL05G-C series of primary LDOs maintain power for core vehicle functions

The BD7xxL05G-C series comprises the BD725L05G-C, BD730L05G-C, BD733L05G-C and BD750L05G-C compact LDO regulators. They are optimised for automotive’s redundant power supplies in systems such as ADAS and a vehicle’s safety systems which reply on redundant power supplies to continue the operation of core functions in the event of a main system malfunction.   

The regulators are designed for the limited space in a vehicle and feature a rated input voltage of 45V and 50mA output current.  The BD7xxL05G-C series LDO regulators measure 2.9 x 2.8mm and provide high withstand voltage up to 45V with low current consumption of 6µA (typical) to meet key requirements for building redundant power supplies. They also have stable output voltage even during steep battery voltage fluctuations, with less than 50mV ( ±1%) over the entire frequency band under ISO 11452-2 antenna irradiation testing, reducing the design load for noise counter-measures, says the company.

Unlike standard products with an overshoot of almost 1.3V that require a large output capacitor to prevent the rated voltage of downstream devices being exceeded, these LDOs limit voltage overshoot to just 0.1V. As a result, says Rohm, they can support much smaller output capacitors. There is no need for a voltage clamping diode which further contributes to reducing the required board area. It is estimated to be approximately 29% less compared with general solutions and also minimises the number of additional circuits needed to configure redundant power supplies.

The BD7xxL05G-C series meets requirements such as support for 125°C (ambient temperature) operation and the regulators are qualified to AEC-Q100.

The LDOs are designed for applications that operate when the engine is stopped, for example, brake systems, body control modules, electric power steering, battery control units, ADAS engine control units (ECUs), real time clocks, drive recorders and door handle modules.

The LDOs are in mass production now and available from online distributors, Digi-Key, Mouser and Farnell with other distributors scheduled for later release.



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