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AOZ1374 offers smart protection
Offering true reverse current blocking for Type-C PD port applications, the smart protection switch provides up to 28V absolute maximum voltage.


The AOZ1374 is in a small, thermally enhanced DFN package, measuring 3.0 x 3.0mm. AOS says it has combined its expertise in high-performance ICs combined with its high safe operating area (SOA) MOSFETs using advanced co-packaging techniques. The switch also supports a slew of protection features, including true reverse blocking and, what is claimed to be, an industry leading on-resistance of 36mW

USB ports in consumer and computing equipment can receive up to 100W of power, with power typically coming from an AC/DC adapter supporting Type-C PD. The host device typically provides 5V at 3A or up to 15W. This is the most common implementation in notebook applications and the majority of desktops. As Type-C PD ports gain popularity in devices such as smart monitors and power banks, a high voltage sourcing switch is required to deliver up to 100W power. Type C high voltage sourcing switches are also increasingly common in graphics cards or game consoles to power virtual reality gaming goggles. Similarly, a PC can connect to a monitor using one single Type-C cable providing both power and data. 


AOZ1374 uses a design IP developed for the company’s AOZ1375DI high voltage bi-directional source/sink Type C protection switch with added integration features to eliminate the eternal current limiting resistor. The AOZ1374features 28V absolute maximum voltage with the current limit capability, and start up SOA management.


“The thinner profile, higher power, and greater flexibility offered by USB Type-C and USB PD 3.0 standards have prompted many to simplify the connectivity between devices down to a single wire for both power and data,” said Peter Cheng, Power IC senior marketing director at AOS. 

“AOZ1374 high voltage capability provides the most compact and simple protection device for charging or powering high-power external devices,” he added.


The AOZ1374 is immediately available in production quantities with a lead-time of 12 weeks.

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