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Comparing N-Channel and P-Channel MOSFETs: Which is best for your application?
This article compares the n-channel and p-channel power MOSFETs, introduces the complete Littelfuse p-channel power MOSFETs portfolio, and explores target applications.
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150V N-channel power MOSFET improves power supply efficiency

Based on the latest generation of U-MOSX-H process, the TPH9R00CQH is a 150V N-channel power MOSFET. In addition to reducing losses, the process technology results in reduced voltage spikes between the drain and source during switching, improving EMI performance within switching power supplies.

The MOSFET is suitable for a range of applications including switching power supplies within industrial equipment, including applications in communication base stations and data centres.

The TPH9R00CQH MOSFET has a low drain-source on-resistance (RDS(ON)) of just 9.0mΩ (max at VGS=10V). This represents a reduction of approximately 42% when compared to Toshiba’s existing 150V TPH1500CNH, which is based on the current generation U-MOSVIII-H process. Key figures of merit (FoM) including RDS(ON) x QSW and RDS(ON) x QOSS have reduced by approximately 20% and 28% respectively, to enhance performance.

The company says the device structure charge characteristics have been improved. The later device has a total gate charge (Qg) of just 44nC and a gate switch charge (QSW) of 11.7nC for performance in high speed applications.

There are two surface mount (SMD) package options for the TPH9R00CQH. These are SOP Advance (5.0 x 6.0mm) and SOP Advance(N) (4.9 x 6.1mm).

The TPH9R00CQH is shipping now.


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