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Innovating Power Module Packaging - April/May 21
A systemís power delivery network or PDN is made up of passive and active components such as cables, connectors, AC-DC and DC-DC converters and regulators. As power levels increase to enable new More details...
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SiC Driver Boards

At PCIM Europe 2018 Microsermi (hall 6-318) a new SiC MOSFET driver board showcasing Microsemi’s brand new SP6LI (low inductance) module featuring a stray inductance < 3 nH to fully benefit from SiC technology and designed to be easy to parallel up to 1200 V and 586 A. An other

SiC MOSFET driver board displaying classic SP3 module. Up to 400 kHz switching frequency, 12 V input supply and capable of 16 W of gate drive power/side. Third SiC MOSFET driver board featuring Microsemi’s SiC APTMC120AM20CT1AG power module (SP1 package - half bridge topology) and ADI ADuM4135 driver.


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