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Benefits of CoolSiC MOSFETs in Bi-Directional Inverter Applications - July 2021
With the move to renewable energy, there is an increased focus not only on generation but also storage, to make the most of the intermittent supply from wind and solar. Batteries are the common...
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Isolated RS-485 module doubles efficiency for Industry 4.0

In a package, 35% smaller than competitive solutions, the 2.5kV isolated RS-485/RS-422 module transceiver is claimed to simplify and shrink the design of field bus communications systems for factory automation, motor control and other industrial IoT applications.

It is the first in a family of isolated communications ICs to simplify field bus communications system designs. The integrated module eliminates the need for discrete digital isolators, transceivers, transformers and transformer drivers while also reducing bill of materials.

The transceiver supports 25Mbits/s data rates while providing 60% DC/DC efficiency and a ±35kV electrostatic discharge protection. The module is available in a land grid array (LGA) package (9.35 x 11.5mm).


Isolation of 2.5kV rms supports communication across the isolation barrier to ensure safe operation of industrial equipment. The module reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection for human body model, or HBM.


The MAXM22511EVKIT# evaluation kit is also available.



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