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Benefits of CoolSiC MOSFETs in Bi-Directional Inverter Applications - July 2021
With the move to renewable energy, there is an increased focus not only on generation but also storage, to make the most of the intermittent supply from wind and solar. Batteries are the common...
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Buck-boost converter extends battery life by factor of 1.3
The BU33UV7NUX is suitable for electronic devices powered by batteries, such as electronic dictionaries, remote controls for home appliances, and toys.

They were developed in responses to the industry demand for rechargeable, lithium ion batteries used in portable devices such as smartphones and wearables, with the increased use of conventional single use batteries, increasing the demand for power supply ICs that can provide greater energy savings.

The BU33UV7NUX outputs the 3.3V necessary for driving MCUs in applications requiring 1.0 to 3.0V input from one to two batteries. According to the company, it achieves an industry-low current consumption of 7µA (vs functionally equivalent products). This can extend the operating time by as much as 175 days compared to conventional products, from 540 days to 715 days, says the company, based on 50µA load current and assuming standby operation in conventional remote controls driven by two alkaline batteries. An integral load current mode switching function allows existing remote controls to support the latest high-performance systems equipped with LCD panels, providing greater energy savings in a range of applications.

This makes it possible to increase battery life in conventional remote controls typically powered by two alkaline batteries by approximately 1.3x over existing solutions, adds Rohm. In addition, the BU33UV7NUX can be driven by input voltages as low as 0.9V and supports a variety of battery types including lithium, such as the coin cells commonly used. The built-in battery leak detection function makes it particularly suited for single use battery applications, adds Rohm.

The BU33UV7NUX automatically switches to its high-power pulse width modulation (PWM) mode for high-performance (500mA maximum load current, 13µA current consumption, PFM/PWM switching control), make it possible to achieve high efficiency power conversion as high as 94% under a wide range of conditions.

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