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Innovating Power Module Packaging - April/May 21
A systemís power delivery network or PDN is made up of passive and active components such as cables, connectors, AC-DC and DC-DC converters and regulators. As power levels increase to enable new More details...
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Seven devices in Vicorís ChiP package operate in harsh conditions

The DCM in a ChiP package is an isolated, regulated DC/DC converter, based on high frequency, zero voltage switching (ZVS) topology. According to the company, the DCM converter consistently delivers high efficiency across the input line range. Modular DCM converters and downstream DC/DC products support power distribution, while providing power system performance and connectivity from a variety of unregulated power sources to the PoL.

Four 30V input nominal modules, ranging from 9.0 to 50V have been introduced in a 3623 ChiP package, measuring 1.52 x 0.90 x 0.29inch. Converters have output voltages of 5.0, 24, 28, and 48V, and power levels up to 160W, and achieve a power density of up to 404W/in3

The company has also released a 28 V input nominal module (16 to 50V range) in a 3623 ChiP package with a 3.3V output at 120W, together with a 375W module with a nominal input voltage of 275V (120 to 420V) and 12V output in a 4623 ChiP package, and a 270V input nominal module (160 to 420V) in a 4623 ChiP package with a 48V output at 500W (1.89 x 0.90 x 0.29inch), which has a power density of 1,014 W/in3

The devices are aimed at a variety of applications, including UAV, ground vehicle, radar, transportation and industrial controls.  






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