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New Developments in RET Technology - Feb/March 2021
Resistor-Equipped Transistors (RETs) also known as digital transistors or pre-bias transistors offer many benefits, including saving space, reducing manufacturing costs and increased...
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LED driver ICs reduce component count in bulbs and tubes

The ICs have a compact footprint that enables the design of LED bulbs and tubes with high constant-current accuracy while using a minimum number of components, says the company. It goes on to say that a driver algorithm ensures high power factor and low total harmonic distortion while maintaining efficiency.

Housed in a compact SO-8 package, the ICs are greater than 93% efficient with a power factor above 0.9 and total harmonic distortion as low as 15%. Devices can be used in a low-side buck topology for reduced EMI or in a high-side buck topology which simplifies design. The ICs have a universal input of 100 to 308V AC and deliver up to 22W without a heatsink. They incorporate a 725V MOSFET for high reliability. The peak current control algorithm allows designers to make use of small, off-the-shelf inductors.

The ICs meet DOE 6 (external power supply), CEC Title 20 and 24, ENERGY STAR® SSL, EN61000-3-2 (C) plus China and India standards.

Protection features include thermal foldback with end-stop shutdown, short circuit protection, input and output over-voltage and over-current protection.     

Samples are available now.



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