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New Developments in RET Technology - Feb/March 2021
Resistor-Equipped Transistors (RETs) also known as digital transistors or pre-bias transistors offer many benefits, including saving space, reducing manufacturing costs and increased...
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DC/DC modules boost current density for graphics processing

The LGA80D DC/DC module offers one of the highest current density ratings in the industry, claims Artesyn.

The non-isolated unit measures 25.4 x 12.5mm and offers two independent and configurable 40A, 100W, which can also be combined to a single configurable 80A, 200W output. Design engineers can also generate higher current rated rails by connecting up to four units in parallel so that up to 320A can be supplied as a single power rail.

Both analogue control and digital control functions are enabled, allowing the module to be controlled with resistors, or controlled and monitored by using the industry-standard PMBus digital interface. Applications such as graphics, data or video processing, using high power devices, such as server processors, FPGAs, supercomputers, network, storage and telecomms equipment are target applications.

The input voltage and output voltage specifications remain the same in any configuration, so the input is defined as 7.5 to 14V and the output voltage can always be adjusted within the range of 0.6 to 5.2V to support a range of semiconductor devices and applications, says the company.

A PC-based graphical software package is offered in conjunction with an evaluation kit. Two intuitive tabs allow developers to enter the required settings for individual converters and monitor the status and parameters. The demonstration board is fitted with two LGA80D modules allowing design engineers to test independent channel, or stacked-module operation.


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