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Innovating Power Module Packaging - April/May 21
A systemís power delivery network or PDN is made up of passive and active components such as cables, connectors, AC-DC and DC-DC converters and regulators. As power levels increase to enable new More details...
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Primary-side switcher raises efficiency
Operating up to 80kHz, the AP3983 series employs piecewise pulse frequency modulation (p‑PFM) in discontinuous conduction mode to regulate the primary-side voltage and current to better than ±5% and provide noise-free performance for chargers, ADSL adapters and home appliance power supplies.

As a primary side device with an integrated 650 or 700V BVDSS MOSFET, the family eliminates opto-couplers and secondary-side CV/CC control circuitry to minimise external component count. Other features include built-in fixed cable voltage-drop compensation, adjustable line-voltage compensation and a range of safety functions, such as, over-voltage and over-temperature protection, and a hiccup function to improve response to short circuits.

A low start-up current (0.6μA, max) combined with a no-load power consumption (75mW, max) and load transient stability are also attributes, says the company.

Devices in the family support adapter power ratings (6.0 to 20W), package types (SO-7 or PDIP-7), and MOSFET voltage ratings (650 or 700V). Members in the family are the 650 AP3983BMTR-G1, 6W in an SO-7 package, the AP3983CMTR-G1, 650V, 7.5W, in an SO-7 package, the 650V AP3983CP7-G1, 10W in a PDIP-7 package, the 650V AP3983DP7-G1,      18W in a PDIP-7 package, the 700V, AP3983EP7-G1, 20W in a PDIP-7 package and the 700V, AP3983RMTR-G1,10W in an SO-7 package.



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