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DC/DC regulator uses pulse mode for efficiency in consumer and networking

The AOZ6605 synchronous buck regulator is claimed to offer enhanced light load efficiency and lower output voltage. The synchronous step-down regulator has a PWM switching frequency of 650kHz and input voltage range of 4.5 to 18V. The regulator is suitable for consumer, networking and industrial applications such as LCD TVs, set-top boxes, cable modems, and power supplies.


The regulator uses the company’s co-package EZBuck design. The AOZ6605 integrates a 55mΩ high-side and 12mΩ low-side MOSFET, and provides 5A of continuous output current at over 90% efficiency and maintains it at 86% efficiency while in 10mA light load operation.


Operating in low output current conditions, the regulator will operate in an ultra pulse energy mode (U-PEM), to obtain high efficiency, says the company. Under heavy load steady-state conditions, the regulator will operate in fixed frequency and continuous-conduction mode (CCM).

The buck converter reduces standby current and improves light load efficiency to minimise standby power consumption. The output voltage is adjustable down to 0.6V, making the regulator a more intuitive and a more applicable DC/DC solution, says the company. The regulator is offered in an Epad-SO8 package, with an operating temperature of 70.9°C.                 

The AOZ6605 is immediately available in production quantities.





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