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Latching power relay is bi-stable

Electric life expectancy is 50,000 cycles operations at maximum ambient temperature of up to 85°C. It is compact, with a height of just 15.7mm, standard frame as well as standard contact layout. According to Zettler, the power relay is designed for energy smart applications in a range of industries including control, heating systems and building automation applications.

The relays are available in single and dual coil types. At typical set/reset voltage, the coil power range amounts to 196mW (single coil) or 294mW (dual coil) as well as 318mW (dual coil 24V DC). At nominal coil voltage set time as well as reset time is typically 10ms.

Contact ratings for resistive loads are 4,000VA for maximum switched power, 16A for maximum switched current and 440V AC maximum switched voltage. A 5kV coil-contact dielectric strength and a 1kV dielectric strength between open contacts for robust operation in susceptible applications.

The relays meet DIN VDE 0110 and IEC 60664-1 for basic insulation. Gold-plated versions for contacts are optional. The terminals are tinned copper alloy, P. C. and the contact form is 1 form A (SPST-N.O.) or 1 form C (SPDT).



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