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Current probe measures faster rise-times

The high bandwidth probe is suitable for measuring the faster current transients in semiconductor technologies where, increasingly, faster turn on and turn off times, higher blocking voltages and smaller circuits demand, smaller, higher temperature, faster current probes.


Using Rogowski technology, the CWTMini50HF extends the high frequency capability of the company’s CWTMiniHF range, to enable measurement of rise times as fast as 12.5ns with a high frequency (-3dB) bandwidth of 50MHz. Peak di/dt capability is 80kA/µs. According to the company, this is achieved without sacrificing the probe’s immunity to interference from fast local dV/dt transients. 


Initially the CWTMini50HF will be available in peak current ratings of 600 and 1200A and will feature a 100mm, 3.5mm thick coil, for 2kV peak insulation.


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