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AC/DC power factor correction module offers up to 1,512W
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Surface mount photo relay is for industrial applications

Toshiba Electronics Europe has integrated MOSFET devices fabricated using its U-Mos IX process to reduce on-state resistance. The photorelay is housed in a small, four-pin SO6 package and provides an off-state output terminal voltage (VOFF) of 60V, a constant on-state current (ION) of 1.4A and an on-state pulsed current (IONP) up to 4.2A. The on-state resistance (RON) is typically just 0.13Ω, allowing highly efficient operation while the off-state current is only 1μA, adds the company.

The device offers fast switching times of 3ms (tON) and 1ms (tOFF) with an isolation voltage of 3750Vrms. It is approved to UL1577 for safety-critical applications.


The normally-open model serves as a replacement for 1-Form-A mechanical relays to improve system reliability and save space. Operating temperature is between -40 and 110°C, which makes it easier to allow for a temperature margin in system-level thermal design, says the company.


The photorelay also helps increase the system drive current, making it possible to serve as a replacement for a range of mechanical relays.

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