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A New Approach to Circuit Breaker Design Using Silicon Carbide Switches - Nov 21
Mechanical circuit breakers can be low cost with minimal losses, but they operate slowly and wear out. Solid state versions overcome the problems and are becoming increasing viable as replacements at...
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DAC boosts accuracy in radar testing

It is also claimed to reduce component count, and improve speed of test, contributing to faster market-ready time.

Audio coverage is up to 6GHz, moving the tester market closer to a universal wireless test platform, says the company.

 It has the highest linearity of any DACs in the company’s portfolio, and 100 to 1,000 times improved spectral purity versus previous generation devices (20 to 30dB better), says the company. It also has a higher agility with frequency change time now 100 times shorter than traditional PLL systems available from the company.

The reduction in component count, leads to a decrease in size which enables element level digital beamforming advanced radar solutions, says the company. The DAC includes an on-chip direct digital synthesizer (DDS) that ensures phase-coherent fast frequency hopping of less than 300ns for up to 32 different frequencies. This makes it well-suited for testing diverse bands; from AM broadcast, Japanese FM, to 5.8GHz UNII band.

Two interpolators (FIR85) enable configurability for lower data rates and converter clocking to reduce overall system power. In mix-mode operation, the DAC can be configured to reconstruct RF carriers in the 2nd and 3rd Nyquist zones up to 7.5GHz while maintaining exceptional dynamic range.

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