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Three-phase-bridge modules reduce production costs for SMPS and drives

The 45 to 100A three-phase-bridge power modules are offered in the low-profile MTP PressFit package. According to the company, compared to devices incorporating solder contact technology, the VS-40MT160P-P, VS-70MT160P-P, and VS-100MT160P-P dramatically lower production costs and increase reliability for welding machines, UPS, switch mode power supplies, and motor drives.

Using solderless PressFit technology, the modules allow for one-step PCB mounting, reducing assembly time while simplifying in-field maintenance. They offer direct mounting to heatsinks and the low, 17mm profile, saves space, while optimising electrical layouts for application-specific power supplies, says the company. 

They are also claimed to provide higher reliability and long-term durability compared with solder contact technology, with increased resistance to shock and vibration while eliminating issues such as cold spots, voids, splatter, and cracks. They are not subject to solder fatigue, a common failure mechanism in power modules operating at high temperatures. 

Optimized for AC/DC input rectification, the 45A VS-40MT160P-P, 75A VS-70MT160P-P, and 100A VS-100MT160P-P offer 3500V RMS insulation voltage, low forward voltage, and low junction-to-case thermal resistance.

The RoHS-compliant devices are UL-approved, file E78996. 


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