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PMICs claim to be world’s lowest power energy harvesting models

The company offers a kit comprising the S6AE101A PMIC, the first device in the family, the EZ-BLE PRoC module for Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, and supporting software.

According to the company, the PMICs are the world’s lowest-power, single-chip energy harvesting PMICs, and can be used with solar cells as small as 10mm². The integrated ICs are suitable for batteryless wireless sensor nodes (WSNs) that monitor physical and environmental conditions for smart homes, commercial buildings, factories, infrastructure and agriculture.  

Start-up power for the PMICs is 1.2uW, or four times lower than the nearest competitor, claims the company; consumption current is just 250nA. The small-form-factor EZ-BLE PRoC module is based on the company’s PRoC BLE Programmable Radio-on-Chip and works with the PMIC for an energy harvesting system.

The S6AE101A is sampling now, with production expected in Q4. The Solar-Powered IoT Device Kit contains a baseboard with a solar module and a Bluetooth Low Energy-USB bridge. Easy DesignSim, the free, web-based simulation tool can be used to validate energy harvesting system designs, including the bill-of-materials, schematic and the power consumed by the sensing, processing and communications functions of a target application.

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