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Benefits of CoolSiC MOSFETs in Bi-Directional Inverter Applications - July 2021
With the move to renewable energy, there is an increased focus not only on generation but also storage, to make the most of the intermittent supply from wind and solar. Batteries are the common...
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Rogowski current probes improves power loss in SiC and GaN

Among them is the CWT MiniHF. This AC probe not only provides better common mode immunity to local high voltage transients, but also provides a more precise measurement delay, says the company, compensation of which improves power loss measurement in power semiconductors using SiC and GaN technology.

The wide-band screened probe’s shielding technique uses a low sensitivity coil and patented low-noise signal-conditioning circuitry. It boosts immunity to local dV/dt transients while maintaining a small size , flexibility, and 3dB bandwidth of up to 30MHz for a 100mm coil. The probes feature a coil just 4.5mm thick with 5kV insulation voltage, and can handle maximum current slope of 100kA/µs.

PEM’s director of engineering, Joanne Aberdeen, will also be delivering a vendor presentation on Wednesday 20, May 2015 at 2:40 pm on ‘The Practicalities of Measuring Fast Switching/Transient Currents in Power Electronic Applications Using Rogowski Transducers’.

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