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Innovating Power Module Packaging - April/May 21
A systemís power delivery network or PDN is made up of passive and active components such as cables, connectors, AC-DC and DC-DC converters and regulators. As power levels increase to enable new More details...
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Modular ferrite cores stack to fit
Stackable U-cores from EPCOS feature a modular ferrite design that is claimed to offer flexibility and economy for high-voltage transformer and HF filter applications. They provide standard options that can fit any application, beneficial in applications that require large ferrite cores but are limited by manufacturing constraints and high tooling costs. Rather than cutting and gluing large U and I cores together, the standardised design of the StackPack U-Cores enables multiple configurations as well as lower costs than custom tooling or machining. They are available from EPCOS distributor, Dexter Magnetic Technologies, on a short lead time to provide standard modular cores that allow rapid prototyping.

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